Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

To quote the late-great George Carlin, ‘A house is just a place to keep your stuff – while you go out and get more stuff.’ We at My Local Broker think a home is a bit more than that, but at its core, that is what we use a house for. So what do we do when we have too much stuff and not enough space, but we aren’t quite ready for a bigger home? These storage ideas will help.

Use a pipe or a rod as a rack in a small corner. This is a great way to use the space you have without taking up valuable floor space with excess furniture.

Source: Yahoo

Source: YahooDon’t let cables and cords take over the place! Use bulldog clamps to keep them in line. These come in different sizes so they’re great for all kinds of cables, and you can attach them to tables or fabric.

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Source: Pampered MomTension rods are great for organising bottles of household cleaners under the sink. Getting them off the shelf means more space to keep other things (recycling bin anyone?) and makes them easily accessible.

Bonus tip: you can do the same thing with heeled shoes in your closet.

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Source: LifeHackWant to entertain, but feel torn by also wanting a place to store some of your books or blankets? Enter: the ottoman. Or a storage bench. Whichever style suits you best.

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