Fish are Friends, Not Food

Fish are Friends, Not Food

Original post date: Sept 2015

About a year ago, I became a vegetarian.

Yes, yes, I know, now you’re either picturing a hippie wearing rose coloured glasses, a PETA activist throwing paint all over people, or a trendy hipster who just wants to follow the latest fashuns.

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In reality, I probably fall somewhere in the middle of the first two. Way less extreme than throwing paint (or anything) at people, but I did partially make the change because I love animals and don’t want to be party to causing them pain. And also, because I just don’t want animal flesh in my body. Plain and simple, I don’t like the thought of it.

The change has been pretty painless. I’ve always been like that. When I decided to quit smoking (for the 3rd time) it was because I wanted to quit, and it was grossing me out. And quitting was easy. It’s been relatively the same with cutting out meat. I don’t want it anymore, it grosses me out, so I stopped eating it. That simple.

The only thing that’s been annoying about it is the way other people react to it. Not that most people are rude, but I get so tired of being asked, “Why though?”

My initial reaction is almost always:

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But, I don’t. 5 years as a well-trained pageant girl and my inherent nature as a communications specialist has taught me it’s better to just answer their question. Insert a little self-deprecating humour, stick to my guns, and just answer. Eventually, it’ll be over. Obviously, when it’s someone like my Nana, who cooks for me occasionally, I understand the reasons behind the question. “Does she not like my food?” Or my parents or other family members, worrying that it’s some diet plan (spoiler: vegetarians actually eat pretty crappy diets a lot of the time. See: chips, pizza, chocolate, cake, doughnuts, pasta, etc.) We get sick of veggies too.

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There’s a huge desensitisation between people and their food (and a lack of education), and it’s just something I couldn’t stomach anymore.